autumn mastering

professional audio mastering services by greg davis


I have been mastering albums for over 12 years now. Since I was a kid, I have been relentless in my search for new and interesting sounds and music, which ultimately led me to study music and earn my MFA in composition. I am very knowledgeable about all styles and eras of music, working with a wide variety of musicians and bands. I am also an internationally known composer / musician / sound artist, specializing in ambient, drone, electroacoustic, analog modular synthesis and computer based electronic music. I have recorded, mixed and mastered all of my own records, and released over 20 albums on a wide variety of respected independent labels. My life is about sound. I bring wide open ears and mind, and a wealth of music experience, to every mastering job.


These are some of the musicians & bands I have worked with:

Lullatone, Grizzly Bear, Keith Fullerton Whitman, YACHT, Strategy, Akron/Family, K. Leimer, Raglani, J.D. Emmanuel, Sore Eros, Barn Owl, Ben Vida, Chris Weisman, Danny Paul Grody, Ruth Garbus

rates & services

$400 - full length album (30-80 minutes)
$300 - e.p. or single (30 minutes or less)
$40 for an individual track (10 minutes or less)

i prefer to send the audio files back and forth using sendspace, we transfer or some similar service. add an extra $20 if you would like me to burn a master CDr and mail it to you. i prefer check, money order or cash payment in US dollars. i will also accept paypal payments (the paypal fee will be added to your total)

contact us

Please email me to schedule mastering services or if you have any other questions. Thanks!